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Our Mission

NECRC is committed to the social, economic and cultural renewal of the North End of Winnipeg.

NECRC defines its development goals through annual consultations and ongoing networking with North End residents and businesses.  The corporation works with community committees to plan and implement development strategies in its goal to revitalize the North End.

NECRC operates on principles of Community Economic Development using a development system approach to bring about renewal in the North End. Our seven development themes: housing, employment, culture and diversity, community, safety, economic and recreation and wellness combine to maximize the impact of our community initiatives.

Message from the President of the Board

 Gary Swanson

The North End Community Renewal Corporation Board is made up of members from different sectors that come together to promote the social, economic, and cultural renewal of the North End.  As an organization of organizations, our Board is made up of elected representatives from the following sectors: Business, Resident, Aboriginal, Community Service, Religious/Fraternal, Labour and Cultural organizations.  The board meets monthly to set policy and direction for NECRC. We set aside a day each year for strategic planning.

I would like to thank the NECRC board, staff, community members, governments and funders for their dedication and investment in renewal over the past year. Our team is proud to be a part of NECRC’s mission of social, economic and cultural Renewal in the North End. Thank you for your part in our common goal of “Building Community Together”.

I would like to especially thank our outgoing directors Darrell Brown and Lorne Belmore for their work on the board over the past years. Their dedication and passion for the community has been much appreciated.

The past year has been one of engaging the community on the North End Five Year Community Plan 2011-2016 and consolidating the priorities we imagined together at the community feast in February 2011. This AGM Reports highlights a productive year of NECRC involvement with the Community.


Highlights of our achievements this past year include:

  • Storefront Enhancement Grants, Residential Housing Fix-Up Grants, the Small Grants Fund and the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (NRF) Grants
  • Community Financial Services Centre (CFSC) opening of 25-30 accounts per month and research into implementing the Citizen’s Bridge Supports to Employment program
  • The Building Construction Maintenance Program (BCMP) in partnership with Manitoba Housing renovating over 50 social housing units, employing and training 50 community members
  • Winnipeg Housing Rental Registry communicating rental options to landlords and tenants
  • PATH Employability Centre services and Renovation upgrade to their 627 Selkirk Offices.
  • The North End Food Security / Greening Program including the Good Food Box Program andNE Farmers Market
  • Hosting the NE Housing Network, coordinating infill housing allocation and the TLC Program
  • Hosting Community Coordination positions for theSt. John’sand Dufferin Neighbourhoods
  • Board strategic planning around the priorities of business development and the Vision for Merchants Corner
  • Prudent financial management, resulting in a solid financial position.
  • Board committee support of Business Development, Youth engagement and Communication
  • North End Recreation Plan Steering Committee promoting NE recreation
  • The purchase of607 Selkirk Avenuefor a North End Business Development Centre
  • and the highlight of 2012:

                      Hosting Consultations and Working with Community Partners

                              on the Community Vision for Merchants Corner

                                  (Re-development of the Merchants Hotel)


The North End 5 Year Community Plan (2011-2016) identified NECRC’s role to Coordinate, Communicate and Organize renewal activity in the North End of Winnipeg.  We are now into the first year of the new 5 year plan and have focused on community identified the priorities of Youth, Safety, Business and Housing development. Our focus is to encourage greater collaboration in the N.E. Thanks for your continued support for renewal in the North End of Winnipeg.   Warmest Regards



Message from the Executive Director

  Robert Neufeld

NECRC’s mission is to encourage social, economic, and cultural renewal in the North End.  It has been a privilege to work together with NECRC’s dedicated Board, staff, community, government and funders in our goal for community renewal.


Last year we worked with the community to create the North End Five Year Community Engagement Plan 2011-2016. Check out our website at www.necrc.org to see NECRC’s Work Plans associated with the 5 Year Plan. This report highlights NECRC and NERI’s accomplishments for 2011-2012.


Partnerships for Renewal: NECRC promotes the combined investment of community, organizations, and government for renewal in the North End of Winnipeg. NECRC’s work focuses on the following development priorities: 1) Economic, 2) Community, 3) Employment, 4) Housing, 5) Safety, 6) Culture and Diversity, and 7) Recreation & Wellness.It is our privilege to build together on these community identified priorities.


Over the year, many partners have put their hands together for the vision of building community. Residents, organizations, and staff all pitched in.  The City, Province, Federal government, and private investors provided support and funding to implement plans.  This report outlines our accomplishments this past year.


Thanks: I would like to thank the Board, Executive, Management Team, Staff and Community for their dedication, commitment and participation to promote Renewal. A big thank you goes to all our funders who have shown their solidarity to dream with the community and invest towards North End Community Renewal.  It is my privilege to work with you all.