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About Community Development

One of the key principles of NECRC’s development philosophy is to “empower local people in the governance of the community economic development organization and of the community as a whole”.  One way to achieve this is to assist in developing and sustaining neighbourhood organizations and networks.

Community Consultation

NECRC gathers information on the North End by consulting with local communities. Over 100 community members attend open consultations to discuss community development, health, recreation and safety. Through these consultations, NECRC has learned:

  • The people of the North End are proud of their multi-cultural heritage, and would like to see an increase in cross-cultural celebrations
  • Recreation services are vital, and people want to ensure that all community members have access to these service
  • People are concerned about isolation and its impact on seniors’ physical and mental health
  • Safety remains a major priority for people living and working in the North End

To address these key community issues, NECRC:

  • Coordinates sponsors who volunteer time, donate prizes and make financial contributions to support Picnic in the Park, an annual cultural celebration that attracts over 1500 North End residents who enjoy free entertainment, games and food
  • Publishes a quarterly newsletter, which is distributed to over 10,000 North End residents and businesses
  • Sponsors an Urban Green Team, which provided support to William Whyte and North Point Douglas
  • communities through ongoing neighbourhood clean up, anti-graffiti campaigns, yard work and assistance with community gardens
  • Facilitates a  Residents Advisory Committee, which is responsible for animating proposals and providing recommendations


Demonstrated community development accomplishments and achievements in 2008 included the following:

  • Distributed a quarterly newsletter, the “NECRC Update” to 15,000 North End residents and businesses
  • Facilitated a 10-member Resident Advisory Committee, responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on neighbourhood revitalization projects
  • North End Revitalization Incorporated (NERI) administered a Small Grants Fund for 5 neighbourhoods that approved $150,000 for 72 projects in 2008.
  • Supported the residents of St. John’s and Dufferin in their annual planning, and assisted in the implementation of community goals and activities


Lord Selkirk Park (LSP) Resource Centre

The LSP Resource Centre continues to be the “hub” in the community and provides on-site counseling (through partner organizations), free laundry, clothing depot, community phone, monthly community feast, adult arts & crafts, educational/personal development workshops, and general drop-in. Staff also provided advocacy, referrals, volunteer opportunities, and resource materials. In 2008 the Resource Centre had 5566 visits from community residents, which represents a 26% increase over last year. An evaluation of the Resource Centre completed in 2009 demonstrated that the Resource Centre is performing well and meeting the needs of the community. As part of the vision for the community, the LSP Resource Centre will move under the auspice of the R.B. Russell Infant Centre in August 2009. Plans are underway to incorporate the Resource Centre as part of the infant/school aged child care services, located within the community.

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Community Advisory Committee meets monthly to network, develop partnerships and address neighbourhood concerns. The committee is made up of residents and community based organizations that live and work in the community. In 2008, an evaluation of the CAC was conducted. Representatives from 25 community agencies/residents participated in the evaluation. It was determined that as a result of the CAC’s work, coordination of efforts have improved, attitudes in the community have changed for the better and progress has been made in improving the LSP community.

Lord Selkirk Park Child-Care & Family Resource Centre

NECRC continues to work with the RB Russell Infant Centre, Provincial Daycare Office, Manitoba Housing Authority and other stakeholders, to plan and develop the LSP Family Resource Centre, located in the heart of the community, at 269 Dufferin Ave. The LSP Family Resource Centre will accommodate 24 infant spaces, 40 school aged spaces, along with the services of the current Resource Centre. Tentative date for completion of renovations is within the next 18 months.

Family Support Program

Through a partnership with the United Way of Winnipeg and the Mount Carmel Clinic, a full-time Aboriginal counselor/family support worker provided assistance/support to 345 individuals (children, youth and families) over the past year. An evaluation of the Family Support Program completed in 2009, indicated the Family Support program had a significant impact on those individuals/families who participated in the program. The Family Support Program will move under the direction of the R.B. Russell Infant Centre in summer of 2009, as part of the overall vision of the community.

Adult Learning Centre (ALC)

In 2008, a naming ceremony was held for the Adult Learning Centre. The Centre adopted a Michif name, Kaakiyow Li Moond Likol, which means “All People’s School. During the year, 56 students registered, working towards their Grade 12 diploma, with a regular attendance of 25-30 participants. Six students will graduate with their Grade 12 diploma in June 2009.

Ogijiita Pimatiswin Kinamatwin, Inc. (OPK)

OPK’s mandate is to provide employment, education, basic life skills training, and social support for at risk Aboriginal ex-offenders and Aboriginal youth. The project began in 2001 and was incorporated in 1994 as a non-profit organization. NECRC has provided letters of support for OPK, believes in this project, flows sustaining funding from the United Way to OPK and provides assistance as possible. Currently, OPK has two lead carpenters and one lead hand who are working with 9 trainees. From 2001-2008, OPK has worked with 56 former gang members. The crew has a relationship with Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council (DOTC) doing housing renovation of DOTC’s aboriginal housing units. A key outcome of the program is that no participant has been arrested on a gang-related or gang-motivated charge or for planned or organized criminal activity. OPK held their AGM on April 29th where a pipe ceremony took place honouring OPK’s important work. Annual reports and positive reviews by the auditor were approved by the 2009 membership meeting.



NECRC continues to work with stakeholders to address the needs of the North End community through the development of partnerships, networking and building community capacity.

Community Development accomplishments in 2011 included:

  • Development of the “NECRC Update”, a newsletter featuring information on NECRC/NERI  programs and activities, including  a celebration of many of the  revitalization efforts by NECRC/NERI and its partner organizations. The newsletter is distributed to approx 14,000 North End residents, businesses and stakeholders within the North End.
  • Updating the NECRC and NERI websites, which includes information on grant programs, calendar of events, NECRC newsletter and job postings. Check out the websites at:  www.necrc.org;  www.neri-winnipeg.org



The NA! Resident Advisory Committee meets monthly (except July & August) to review neighbourhood renewal /capacity building proposals that are submitted to the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund of Neighbourhoods Alive!.  The Committee provides recommendations to NA! on each proposal,  according to the priorities identified in the North End 5 year Community Plan.  The Resident Advisory Committee consists of 9 members, which includes resident representatives from the north end and the NECRC/NERI Board of Directors. The Committee has representatives from the following north end communities:  Lord Selkirk Park, Point Douglas, William Whyte, Inkster, St. John’s and Dufferin.

In 2011 a Terms of Reference was completed by the committee which outlines the mandate, committee objectives, guiding principles and structure of the Committee.  The TOR is currently being reviewed by the NECRC Board of Directors and should be finalized by Fall 2012.



The NA! Resident Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving Small Grant requests from the five NA! neighbourhoods:  Lord Selkirk Park, Dufferin,  St. John’s, William Whyte and Point Douglas.

In 2011, 74 small grant proposals were approved in the amount of $147,524, with $500 allocated to audit fees and $1976 for administration.  Total project costs were $707,465..  While the NECRC – NA! Advisory Committee reviews all proposals, the small grant fund is administered through NERI.



In May 2011, 16 individuals representing 9 Resident Associations ( Dufferin, St. John’s,  Lord Selkirk Park, North Point Douglas, William Whyte, Luxton, Burrows, Inkster, Faraday) from the North End met to network and to  define a common vision and purpose.  Over the next few months the group met 3 more times and established itself as the  North End United, with a mission of:  “North End Resident Associations working cooperatively and collaboratively to affect positive and meaningful change for the betterment of their community as a whole”.


NEU also developed its Vision for the north end as “A strong, dynamic and healthy North End community that connects residents with a shared sense of purpose and pride”.    The group  identified a number of priority areas:  governance/ internal communication,  capacity building initiatives,  including initiatives that involve  advocacy /lobbying for improvements that benefit the overall north end.  NEU meets quarterly in one of the local north end neighbourhoods.



The North End Education Council is comprised of educational stakeholders who currently provide education services on and near Selkirk Ave in the North End. Their goal is to establish an “educational hub” on Selkirk Ave. which provides a continuum of educational services for children, youth and adults in the North End.  In December 2011, representatives from University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, Red River College, Community Education Development Association (CEDA), Urban Circle, and the Aboriginal Education Directorate met to discuss the potential for educational space at Merchant’s Corner.  Currently it looks like the University of Winnipeg, Red River College, Urban Circle and CEDA-Pathways to Education will partner to develop educational space at Merchant’s Corner, and that Manitoba Housing will build a student housing 

complex on the Pritchard Ave side of Merchant’s Corner, with approximately 30-35 units for students with families. The student housing complex will complement the Makoonsag Intergenerational Child Care Centre at 527 Selkirk, which opened in January, 2012.